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badskullcompany Adiren Boettqer

Paris, France

The nordic tattoo art of Adiren "badskullcompany" Boettqer

Originally trained as an illustrator, Adrien Boettger has been tattooing now for nearly 10 years. He manages tattoos at Les Derniers Trappeurs in Paris, France. Having descendancy from Ireland and many other places, the interest in Celtic culture was natural for him. In turn, this led to Nordic and Scandinavian artwork and culture. He creates work based on different historical sources, adapted to his own style, most characterized by shading and strong relief. Often, abstract patterns are combined with realistic elements to create unique tattoos. He finds particular joy in working on larger pieces, which allows him to build complex and body dynamic designs.

Meet Adiren "badskullcompany" Boettqer

Adiren "badskullcompany" Boettqer works in Paris, France

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