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cernunnos_tattoo Alf Alf

Copenhagen, Denmark

The nordic tattoo art of Alf "cernunnos_tattoo" Alf

Cernunnos, known in everyday life as Alf, is a non-binary human from Denmark, with a lifetime of artistry and chaotic magic behind them. To them, creating artwork is their neurodivergent hyper fixation, it is what they do from the time they get out of bed, until they get back in. Having worked with paints, acrylics and pencils most of their life, Alf started playing around recently with digital mediums, as well as wandering into the world of tattooing.

Their drawings are often-most geometric, witchy and done in dot work, while paintings tend to drift towards elf-like beings in the woods, often with decor and bling inspired by the Viking age. Much of their work carries roots in knot work, both Nordic and Celtic, as well as nature imagery and spiritual folklore. Being new to tattooing, Alf is aiming for black work, dot work and fine engraving lines to be the style of choice, influenced by historical ornaments.

Meet Alf "cernunnos_tattoo" Alf

Alf "cernunnos_tattoo" Alf works in Copenhagen, Denmark

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