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Celtictattooer Anthony Fowler

Melbourne, Australia

The nordic tattoo art of Anthony "Celtictattooer" Fowler

Much can be said of Anthony, and every bit of it is praise. He possesses a style that is truly his own, creating striking and unique work which stands out boldly and elegantly, which is an amazing power to it.

He has his share of awards, international acclaim and is a published tattooist, with more than 14 years of experience, not just within Nordic and Celtic styles, as he is in fact a multi-specialist, and has worked himself towards mastery of every style of tattooing he has come across.


He now focuses on the more ancestral art-styles, being quite obsessed with Celtic and Nordic works, and stands tall as one of the most dominant artists in the scene.

He grew up in Ireland, where his love for these ornamental styles took root, and this is undoubtedly where the start of this, the most prominent aspect of his work, began to properly flourish.

Meet Anthony "Celtictattooer" Fowler

Anthony "Celtictattooer" Fowler works in Melbourne, Australia

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