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antti_kuurne Antti Kuurne

Helsinki, Finland

The nordic tattoo art of Antti "antti_kuurne" Kuurne

Antti works from Helsinki, Finland, where he is one of the few artists focusing on Baltic/Finnish cultural art. His work carries similarities to Polynesian art, but if one pays attention, it is very obvious that much of it has a uniqueness in expression. The work is often stark and angular, although an occasional Moomin has snuck into the collection, and Antti is a bold artist, not fearing using strong linework to cut across the physical dynamical shape, creating what can best be described as powerful paint strokes. Much of the work they create is related to Nordic mythology, and the Finnish Kalevala, but there is a skillset present here that can adjust to all types of ornaments, which is clear when exploring their portfolio.

Meet Antti "antti_kuurne" Kuurne

Antti "antti_kuurne" Kuurne works in Helsinki, Finland

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