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tidferd_tattoo Balder Anderson

Fredrikstad, Norway

The nordic tattoo art of Balder "tidferd_tattoo" Anderson

Tidferds own journey in tattooing began in the summer of 2012, when he got his first tattoo by Ihuda, whose friendship and advice would give a huge impact on his life. Soon thereafter, he began a regular apprenticeship in a local Old-school tattoo studio. It took another few years before he took his first steps into Nordic hand poking, and since then, tattooing felt just right. He does describe his journey as a bumpy and uphill ride, and shortly before he actually opened his own studio, he almost gave up on this life-long dream and obsession. In the 2020 pandemic, he lost a person close to himself, and the day after he received the opportunity to rent a small space in his town.


The space did need a lot of work, so he took the plunge, quit his demolition job and spent the next 3 months working a summer job in the daytime and spending every evening building his studio. But, success was on the doorstep in the most literal way, already before he was done renovating, clients were lining up, and the first tattoo he did in his new space, was done by candlelight with a head-lamp for focus. Besides tattooing, he has always been a rough nature guy, and somewhat of an arts outsider. He enjoys learning new skills and crafts, attending Viking markets, festivals and concerts, as well as going to museums and generally spending time with his wife and friends.

Meet Balder "tidferd_tattoo" Anderson

Balder "tidferd_tattoo" Anderson works in Fredrikstad, Norway

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