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bardtjelta Bård Tjelta

Oslo, Norway

The nordic tattoo art of Bård "bardtjelta" Tjelta

An artist with a striking style and a disposition for monochromatic and powerful pieces, Bård has well deserved a place in this book. While his work is not always of Nordic mythology, it always has strong roots in ornamental design.
With an ancient Nordic name with roots in Badn and Fridr, War and Peace, as well as a last name meaning “sword hilt”, it is an odd incident that this artist is a peaceful spirit with a love of forest hiking and mushrooms, as well as mountaineering and canoeing on the lakes with his wife Mariñe Perez, and their two dogs Francis and Rímel. He is also an avid musician, playing both guitar and bass guitar.
A lifelong artist, he started tattooing around 10 years ago, and has a penchant and love for birds, mammals and themes of a range of mythology. He both creates custom tattoos, as well as his pre-designed projects- In his own words, his style is primitive and simple, with influences from both traditional tattooing and old art forms like wood carving and medieval paintings. Besides tattooing, he also created Lino prints, paintings and illustrations.

Meet Bård "bardtjelta" Tjelta

Bård "bardtjelta" Tjelta works in Oslo, Norway

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