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catieheartink CATIE VON HEART

Prague, Czech Republic

The nordic tattoo art of CATIE "catieheartink" VON HEART

“I live for tattooing and painting”.  A bold statement, but definitely one you would want to hear from your chosen tattoo artist. She describes tattooing as something magical and slightly unreal, considering the thought of using pain to create beauty, adding the value of your artwork and letting it walk all the corners of the earth. It is like illustrating a never ending book with each client, and using their stories to make fantastical pieces of artwork. While being a tattooist can be a tough lot in life, especially when you listen to the stories of survival, sharing in the grief and happiness, but Catie is not one to want any change in that. Getting to meet these amazing people, listening to their stories and for them to hear her as an artist is the fuel to feed the fire.

She has been tattooing for around 6 years, and feels like she has found her tribe. At the moment, she hops between two places, her studio in Prague and Tromse Classic in Tromse. In the future, she hopes to explore more of the world of tattoos, and is adamant that it is important for us as artists to never forget where our roots are from, what our history is and that we should be thankful for those that paved the way.Her work easily catches the eye, and especially a handful of her wolf-tattoos fits perfectly within the Norse genre.

Meet CATIE "catieheartink" VON HEART

CATIE "catieheartink" VON HEART works in Prague, Czech Republic

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