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coryleesontattoo Cory Leeson

Edmonton, Canada

The nordic tattoo art of Cory "coryleesontattoo" Leeson

Cory has an early start to tattooing, and it began in 1999, while he was living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to study art. He had been offered a tattoo apprenticeship the year before in Ontario, but had passed on the chance due to school. The curiosity ate away at him though, and being deeply interred in the nerdy worlds of Fantasy literature, Role playing games and comic books, he eventually succumbed to it, and visited Krystal Blade tattoo in Halifax. Here, Manny Landry shared his knowledge with him, sending him down the path to become a tattoo artist.


It took until 2016 before he truly dived into Nordic artwork. Until then, as with many other North American tattooists, the mere mention of Celtic knot work brought looks of worry and annoyance. So, eventually he sat himself down and started working on any and all Nordic reference materials he could find. Through his searching, he encountered the rising scene for Nordic art and paganism in Europe, which in turn spurred him further onwards, with wishes of visiting his peers across the Atlantic.

Meet Cory "coryleesontattoo" Leeson

Cory "coryleesontattoo" Leeson works in Edmonton, Canada

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