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duggantattoo Duggan Hamasmior

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The nordic tattoo art of Duggan "duggantattoo" Hamasmior

The Brazilian tattoo artist, Duggan Hamasmiðr, started his artistic career very early. Encouraged by his parents while still in his childhood, he started his first drawing and plastic arts course, granting him awards with paintings and sculptures in elementary school. As a teenager, he studied music and theatre, and soon after graduated from a free course on Restoration and Preservation of works of art at the Museum of the Cultural centre of his home city. Already in love with old works of art, he decided to specialize in other related segments, becoming a Restoration and Artistic bookbinder at a renowned international school. Duggan, together with the team he was involved with, took care of the bibliographic collection of major national universities and libraries, having contact with books and illustrations that dated to before the 16th century.

In 1997 he graduated as an advertising illustrator at Escola Panamericana de Artes and in the following year he began his graduation in Advertising at University Paulista. It was at this time that he took his first steps towards the art of tattooing, when he finally got his own first tattoo. Then and there, he decided that his future would be as a tattoo artist. It did take a while to get it started, and it was not until 2005 that he got his first tattoo kit. He started out by tattooing a few friends in a makeshift space, but soon other people came looking for his work and within a few months he was already gaining a name among local tattooists. He worked for some time in both professions, but it didn’t take him long to make a dedicated choice, permanently abandoning the advertising industry.

Since then, his professional life has been entirely dedicated to tattooing.

Meet Duggan "duggantattoo" Hamasmior

Duggan "duggantattoo" Hamasmior works in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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