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edbe.handpoke Edgaras Bekeris

Kaunas, Lithuania

The nordic tattoo art of Edgaras "edbe.handpoke" Bekeris

Edgaras began his career in tattooing by going on what can best be described as a sojourn, hitch-hiking from Lithuania to India. During his travels, he started to learn about the folklore of the world, and to see the beauty of the cultural arts.


When he returned to his home country, he realised how rich Lithuania is in history, and how it’s roots are steeped in artwork. Led by his passion for symbols, he started to use the human body as a medium for his creativity, and to bring back the foundations of Baltic culture in the modern world. Edgeras has been tattooing for around 4 years, always by hand, and has never used a machine, striving to stay with a string to the ancient spirits.


He draws his inspiration from his surroundings, people, festivals, old pagan books, folk history clothing, arts and crafts. He is a true nature spirit, hiking in nature whenever possible, and enjoys swimming in the ice cold waters in wintertime, as well as testing his limits, by engaging in extreme sports.

Meet Edgaras "edbe.handpoke" Bekeris

Edgaras "edbe.handpoke" Bekeris works in Kaunas, Lithuania

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