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Leeuwarden, Netherlands

The nordic tattoo art of Elbrich "" Schoorstra

Elbrich started tattooing with hand poking at the age of 17, but was already in love with tattooing from the age of 13, when his father got his first tattoo. His father also influenced him and his brothers, by introducing them to mythology and folklore, as well as Viking/Scandinavian culture, and his own heritage of Frisian culture. At the age of 17, he visited a Viking re-enactment market in Germany, and encountered Hand poke tattooing for the first time, and both himself and his parents had a tattoo done there and then, igniting a passion for this art. As soon as he returned home, he started practicing on fake skin, and 6 months after this, he got to do his first ever tattoo, decorating his mothers skin.

After a year of tattooing, he visited Kunsten på Kroppen for a short period, giving a great artistic boost. He has now tattooed for around 8 years, 5 of which has been full time. His goal is to start working more with Frisian cultural art and spread some history of the forgotten cultures of the world. He still enjoys doing Nordic/Viking tattoos, as well as mixing them with Frisian ornaments.

Meet Elbrich "" Schoorstra

Elbrich "" Schoorstra works in Leeuwarden, Netherlands

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