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fiumixvenetkenstattoo Fiumix Venetken

Cittadella, Italy

The nordic tattoo art of Fiumix "fiumixvenetkenstattoo" Venetken

Fiumix has worked in the field of historical tattooing as one of the earliest, creating a style of both loose and elegant dot work, paired with strong designs and expression.

Born in Bassano del Grappa in Italy in 1967, Fiumix received his diploma at Padua Artistic Lyceum and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. In 1989  he opened the studio ‘Fiumix & Quila Tattoo’ in Cittadella, near Padua. He has worked at numerous tattoo conventions in Europe during the last two decades, travelling far and wide and doing many a guest-spot. In 2001 he launched the book ‘Nessunasperanza, nessuna paura’ (no hope, no fear) totally dedicated to a full body tattooed by his hands.

In 2013 in the book “Black Tattoo Art 2”, in the chapter on the Nordic and Celtic tattoos, he pushed his research towards the European tribal roots, not only Celtic but mostly Venetian and pre-Roman of North East Italy. In particular drawing inspiration from the archaeological findings of Otzi and the cultures of the iron age and Hallstatt. He is still often found travelling in Europe, tattooing far and wide.

Meet Fiumix "fiumixvenetkenstattoo" Venetken

Fiumix "fiumixvenetkenstattoo" Venetken works in Cittadella, Italy

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