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gabyskoll Gaby Skøll

Paris, France

The nordic tattoo art of Gaby "gabyskoll" Skøll

Gaby started tattooing around 5 years ago, even though she was very fascinated by the world of tattooing long before, especially the old ways of this practice. After spending some years travelling, she started getting her own tattoos and plunged herself into art school for the first time, right before her 25th birthday. Finally, she ended up on the other side of the needle. She is half French and half Danish, well familiar with both Scandinavian and Celtic cultures of Europe. This background has clearly influenced her sense of aesthetics and way of life, as well as the choice of artist name Skøll.

She does not define her work as exclusively Nordic, more in the path of Tribal or Neo-tribal, as she has always been very attached to the tribal aspects of tattooing, seeing it as an ancient and powerful act. She collects inspiration from many cultures and art-styles, being heavily influenced by Runes and ancient Norse symbols. However, she is not stringent with her style, and gladly mixes them together, creating new things from old arts, and always adding a sprinkle of her soul. She is still a young artist in tattooing, still learning much and still with much excitement for her journey ahead, aiming to grow and evolve, while creating ever more awesome projects.

Meet Gaby "gabyskoll" Skøll

Gaby "gabyskoll" Skøll works in Paris, France

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