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vik__ink Germund Aaberg

Svenljunga, Sweden

The nordic tattoo art of Germund "vik__ink" Aaberg

Obban is a student of Traditional Nordic art, working with both machine and hand-poking, as well as a Harii warrior in the band Heilung. When not travelling, his focus is on tattooing and artwork, mainly in his private studio in Västre Götaland in Sweden. On occasion, he visits other studios, such as Kunsten på Kroppen in Copenhagen, and Blekk Studio in Norway.

After graduating art school in 2017 in Gothenburg, he began his journey into tattooing, focusing on historical Scandinavian styles. Obban has travelled the world, meeting other cultures and seen the importance of cultural heritage, and is working with these aspects in his own work, seeing it as his destiny to help bring back Nordic cultural art into the light.

Meet Germund "vik__ink" Aaberg

Germund "vik__ink" Aaberg works in Svenljunga, Sweden

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