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Metz, France

The nordic tattoo art of Grimnir "" Grimnir

Simon, known as Grimnir art online, has always been drawing a bit of everything, but in his teenage years he found a passion for a thousand things, one of them being the Poetic Edda. He fell in love with the folklore and the legends, which in turn led him into the worlds of fantasy, Lovecraft, the Witcher and so on. Whilst enjoying these prolific fantastical worlds, his eyes fell upon tattooing, and his work started drifting towards creating designs for tattoos. At first, he worked again with a bit of everything, but soon started working with knot work and Nordic imagery. He later started his Art studies, allowing himself to enrich his style, being influenced by masters such as Monet, Dali and Beksinski in his compositions.


He revisited his own style, and in the eternal search of improvement he started doing dot work as an art form. Still on the journey of improving, inspired by mysticism, esoteric ism, nature and horror, Simon’s work keeps ever growing. He uses nature hiking as a way of clearing his mind, to meditate on all things.

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Grimnir "" Grimnir works in Metz, France

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