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haivarasly Haivarasly Haivarasly

Vilnius, Lithuania

The nordic tattoo art of Haivarasly "haivarasly" Haivarasly

Haivarasly is a figure cutting a dominant profile within historical tattooing, using powerful black-work to create bold bodysuits, with design elements from the cultural heritage of the Baltic region. While much of his work resembles traditional Polynesian tribal, it should not be mistaken for that, as it builds upon the foundations of European art and history.


He often creates what is known as Blast-overs, hammering over old tattoos with new and bolder black designs, using a broad “brush” and strong contrasting shapes.

He lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania, where his artistic foundation hails from.

Meet Haivarasly "haivarasly" Haivarasly

Haivarasly "haivarasly" Haivarasly works in Vilnius, Lithuania

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