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Fougeres, France

The nordic tattoo art of Jaheel "jaheel.tatouages" Tatouages

Jaheel has had a foot in the tattoo world from a young age, getting decorated, and in 2017 made the decision to be on the other side of the needle, and share their own vision of this art-form. Celtic and Scandinavian cultures have always been a source of inspiration and fuel, so it came natural to create art around these traditional aesthetics. On occasion, there will be personal elements included, but in general her work focuses on the old stories, sagas and myths, focusing on the historical aspects. Since the start of her career, there has been a resonance with a single sentence, a mantra to her – “The tattoo is conscience”. Through her career, she has realised and decided upon the idea of sharing comprehension and reflection with her clients whenever possible, making sure to not be careless about what she does. In her work, she attempts to convey and share the importance of experiencing the tattoo fully and consciously, believing that from the moment the idea for a tattoo emerges, a whole process begins. She aims to accompany the client on the journey, to help understand the thoughts and emotions they experience throughout the tattoo process.


If the client is clarified with their emotions, their path will be clear as well.

She is fully immersed in the process of tattooing, approaching it as a rite of passage. In the process, she uses music to connect with her art, to dive deeper into the creative work that she is so clearly in love with. She also uses botanical elements, floral and illustrative, to create designs of a more witch nature.

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Jaheel "jaheel.tatouages" Tatouages works in Fougeres, France

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