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wearyourmedicine Jake Smart

Colchester, United Kingdom

The nordic tattoo art of Jake "wearyourmedicine" Smart

Earlier in the year I came across the work of “Wear your medicine” Aka Jake, and immediately fell in love with everything he creates.. It simply resonated with a deeper part of my heart and soul and it prompted me to get in touch with him, both to compliment his creations, and to order a couple of pieces from him. Communication was so simple and smooth, and in no time we struck up a friendship even though we had never met, simply because we care about the same things in life and we have a mutual appreciation of things ancient and that is what Jakes work really represents.


He puts great focus into the details of the past and considers elements created thousands of years ago, recreating them into a both ancient and contemporary form. Why and how they were made, their tools, their adornments and their materials are all important to him and he manages to weave these things together with consideration and care both for tradition and past but also with a view of modern man and what we can implement in our daily lives. Therefore, I felt that his work belong in this book and we are showcasing a few pieces of his, hoping that you will appreciate it as much as we do.


His choice of materials should be mentioned, as they are all gently harvested and tend to be of very old origins. Mammoth tooth and mammoth tusk, cave bear teeth, bog oak, amber, flint and the like are materials of his choosing and each stand out so well within his artistic context and wearing them helps bring back a feeling of belonging to the Earth and not the Earth belonging to us.

Meet Jake "wearyourmedicine" Smart

Jake "wearyourmedicine" Smart works in Colchester, United Kingdom

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