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theravenfromthenorth Jakub Vanis

Prague, Czech Republic

The nordic tattoo art of Jakub "theravenfromthenorth" Vanis

This is Jakub, a delightfully nerdy guy from the Czech republic, who is in love with coffee, tattoos and sarcasm. He has been into drawing and creativity since he was a small child, growing up in the Northern Bohemia. In his youth, he attended Larps and battle-games, which influenced his art. From early in his artistry, he drew stories and was inspired by the work of Tolkien, using characters from Lord of the Rings. From there, he started into the Nordic styles of artwork, and expanded from there into petroglyphs, runes, Icelandic staves and medieval engravings. He also often creates a connection to the natural world, adding forests and plant life to his artwork. Mostly he dabbles in Nordic mythology, enjoying the complexities and levels of  and he uses this to create designs tied in with Norse mythology.


Using the tattoo medium, these designs gives him artistic freedom, to freely shape his characters as he wishes, which he has found quite some fame for, especially illustrating for the historical music group Wardruna. He has been working with both machine and hand-poking for 5 years, making him a “young” artist with much potential ahead of him. He is an avid traveller, and when he is not in his studio, he can be found in Germany, Netherlands or Iceland. When he is not tattooing, his busy hands are still at creativity, making album art, working on book-covers and even mobile games.

Meet Jakub "theravenfromthenorth" Vanis

Jakub "theravenfromthenorth" Vanis works in Prague, Czech Republic

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