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halfdan_tattoo Jan Jasper Declercq

Ghent, Belgium

The nordic tattoo art of Jan Jasper "halfdan_tattoo" Declercq

Halfdan is one of the more exceptional artists to come across in the Nordic genre. He possesses a clear understanding of the Norse form-languages, and it is easy to see how his work in graffiti and calligraphy has influenced his flow and creativity with the styles of the Viking age.

This all originates in his background as a reenactor with the Viking group Jomsborg.

He works both with hand-poking and machine, and when not tattooing, he creates beautiful paintings of God masks and ornamental animals. He is a nomadic soul, and does not have a settled studio, but can often be found in Belgium.

Meet Jan Jasper "halfdan_tattoo" Declercq

Jan Jasper "halfdan_tattoo" Declercq works in Ghent, Belgium

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