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jessijamestattoo Jessi James

Dunfermune, Scotland

The nordic tattoo art of Jessi "jessijamestattoo" James

Having spent the main part of her 12 year long tattoo career focusing on geometric forms, she recently started to look closer upon the intricacies of Celtic patterns and geometry as well, especially designs using spirals, labyrinths and tessellation. Finding the patterns and symmetry of the ancient Celtics as a great source of inspiration, especially how it is represented through engraving and stone carving, she now spends most of her time in Scotland, working on her own expression using this art language.

Her work stands out boldly, with great use of solid black, contrasted with perfectly executed dot-work, and her tattoos display a clear understanding of physical dynamics, as well as an incredible patience to gain the perfect results.

Meet Jessi "jessijamestattoo" James

Jessi "jessijamestattoo" James works in Dunfermune, Scotland

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