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redwaterstudio John John

Monestiés, France

The nordic tattoo art of John "redwaterstudio" John

You know that kid in school who was always nose deep in his sketchbooks? Well, that is John, and he never stopped. Currently living near Albi, the town of the Cathar crusades in Southern France, John has chosen a life embedded in history. He is an active reenactor and used to fight full-contact Bohurt (Battle of the Nations), travelling to both Portugal and Russia to participate in championships. Eventually, he chose caution over battle and hung his blades, as hands and fingers are essential for tattooing and art.

He was often told “Art will never be a real job”, but decided to listen to himself and hold to the dream. This is how he met Dutch tattooist Johann Schuurman, who became his mentor 6 years ago, guiding him with art, philosophy and open-mindedness. He creates his designs from historical Nordic and Celtic art, adding modern style and expression to honour the history and heritage.

In his work, he urges westerners to open their eyes to their own heritage, instead of copying Polynesian art for adornment. Big bearded Nordic men and tall European women all have a vast variety of cultural art to choose from, as well as a vast tome of epics and mythologies, to create epic skin ornaments, without having to dive into the treasure-trove of other cultures. All they need is artists like John to guide them to great designs. He works mainly in dot work for its texture and the fast healing it provides.

Meet John "redwaterstudio" John

John "redwaterstudio" John works in Monestiés, France

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