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tattoovinyasa Jon Osiris

Washington, USA

The nordic tattoo art of Jon "tattoovinyasa" Osiris

Jon is a veteran amongst many of the tattooists in this book, having tattooed since 2007. He dives deep into myth, legend and culture to create unique custom tattoos for his devoted clients. As an ardent student of mythology, symbols, mysticism and rituals, he has experienced and developed a multi-layered approach to tattooing that goes far beyond plain adornment of the body, naming it Tattoo Vinyasa.

After travelling extensively and tattooing abroad for a handful of years, he has now settled down a bit and primarily works from his private studio in Seattle, US, as well as Tulsa and Jacksonville. He specialises in heavy coverage for larger pieces, doing Nordic ornaments, Ornamental, Japanese, geometry and black work with ease. His main influences are Asian, Nordic and Native American cultures, and he happily studies and learns of any tradition or indigenous culture related to a project. Osiris is also a caretaker and guide within a Tantric/Pagan spiritual community of storied lineage.

Meet Jon "tattoovinyasa" Osiris

Jon "tattoovinyasa" Osiris works in Washington, USA

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