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huusko_illustrations Jonathan Huusko

Gothenburg, Sweden

The nordic tattoo art of Jonathan "huusko_illustrations" Huusko

Jonathan Huusko is a Swedish based illustrator from Gothenburg. Through his life, he has had a deep-founded love of mythologies, starting out by reading about Osiris, Ra and Anubis, then Zeus and Poseidon, on to Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Anansi, Ametarsu and many more. But of course, being born in Sweden, the heritage of the cold North had the strongest call, and Jonathan let himself gravitate towards the old gods of the Vikings, learning of Odin and Thor, but also Ukko and Tapio of the Finnish mythos.

These stories and sagas are always with him, no matter what he is illustrating.

His inspiration is drawn from many places. When he was younger, the dark visuals of Warhammer had great impact, especially the art of illustrators such as the eminent Karl Kopinski. Old Comics, such as (of course) Marvel’s Thor also influenced his work. To impact on his work, he often uses the picture stones of Gotland and the like for inspiration, as well as the carvings of the Norwegian stave churches. Medieval woodcuts are another clear source of inspiration in his work.

Meet Jonathan "huusko_illustrations" Huusko

Jonathan "huusko_illustrations" Huusko works in Gothenburg, Sweden

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