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barnseytattoo Josh Barnes

Vermont, USA

The nordic tattoo art of Josh "barnseytattoo" Barnes

Josh Barnes, known as Barnsey is a man tied to nature and his art. His deepest inspiration is clearly nature herself, and whenever he can, he wanders the woods to observe the life of animals, plants and fungi, all living in harmony. Mostly walking without searching, it seems that when he just listens to the world around him, he is rewarded, both with inspiration and deeply personal experiences. Sometimes the inspiration is a new pattern or a design, other times it is an auditory meditation on the white noises of the forest.

Barnsey has been a professional tattoo artist for around 10 years. In that time, short as it might seem, there have been many twists and turns in the road. Every couple of years, he has met some kind of growth cycle. Striving to learn from past perspectives, experiences and mistakes, he is always trying to better himself through introspection with nature and through the evolution of his approach to tattooing. At this point of his career, his focus is on overall layout and composition of designs, how it plays with and complement the form of the wearer. He has a love of creating a personalized armour for those who are drawn to his work, and where possible, he finds great joy in listening to the clients describing what elements of nature they connect most with, what resonates with them, and from there design something special for them based on those ideas. Anything that grows in the woods, lives under the waves or floats through the cosmos has great artistic interest to him, and he clearly finds great delight in discovering new and exciting ways to portray the beauty of the natural world through body ornaments, and the self empowerment that comes from it. His mission as an artist is to bring us all back into the embrace of the planet we inhabit, and to revel in its awe-inspiring beauty just a little more often in our lives.

Meet Josh "barnseytattoo" Barnes

Josh "barnseytattoo" Barnes works in Vermont, USA

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