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triplegoddesstattoos Joy Shannon

California, USA

The nordic tattoo art of Joy "triplegoddesstattoos" Shannon

Joy Shannon is a Tattooist, painter, printmaker, writer and musician. She named her project and business after the pagan symbol for the moon phases, and the sacred phases of the woman’s life – The Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. Joy named her practice after this symbol, being the one she tattooed the most within her first year of tattooing. She apprenticed with the renowned tattoo and graffiti artist Mike Giant, who still continues to be a creative mentor in her career. Her work focuses on black work and esoteric themes, with much similarity to her printmaking work and the mythological subjects of her watercolour paintings. During her European travels, she was inspired by observing several tattoo artists at work with historical and traditional Nordic and Celtic designs, including Kai Uwe Faust, with whom she was honoured to guest with at Kunsten på Kroppen.

Joy’s family lives in the Tullamore area of Ireland, bringing her great inspiration for her work, as well as a spiritual connection, working  with healing ancestral wounds, and bringing focus on the older Irish indigenous wisdom tied to wise women and the Tripple Goddess.

Meet Joy "triplegoddesstattoos" Shannon

Joy "triplegoddesstattoos" Shannon works in California, USA

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