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The nordic tattoo art of Julie "" Docteur

Julie, also known as Ferale, is a true one-of-a-kind artist. She works in bold brushing designs, having no fear of neither solid black nor aggressive dynamics. She started tattooing in 2015, in Toulouse, France, but will be working from Canada in 2023. She spent 5 years working with the master Dekalcomanu_, learning designs, techniques, machine knowledge, as well as having a strong passion for tattooing imparted on her.

She views tattooing as an essential to humans, stating that she hopes it will persist for as long as humanity, as it creates bonds, a hope and even a cure for both artist and canvas. She has found a truly sacred mission in this humble art-form, aiming to see into the soul of the bearer and bring out the art that belongs on the skin, in her own graphic interpretation. She also uses her creativity in music, doing vocals in a Shamanic doom band named Indigo Raven, as well as the Dark-pop band Splendor Noctis. Both tattooing and music are principles she feels strongly about, needing them to participate in a different version of the world, as well as reaching out to mankind.

Meet Julie "" Docteur

Julie "" Docteur works in Canada

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