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kaija_bodyart Kaija Bodyart

Oslo, Norway

The nordic tattoo art of Kaija "kaija_bodyart" Bodyart

Born in Germany, but with a deep love of the North, Kaija has recently migrated to Norway’s fertile grounds, to find inspiration and to research the right elements to assimilate and bring to light in her creations. From the beginning of her career, she has been inspired by dark and solid black tattoos, and soon after developed an interest in the Nordic depictions and form-language.

She started to model her style and form accordingly to the ancient artwork, and began to build her own variation of it. This led to drawing the runes and patterns that she now tattoos, as well as the knot-work styles that she discovered in turn. A fan of sharp lines and clean designs, she created her work with a balance of runes and knot-work, in what she describes as a never-ending process of style development, something any artist and craftsman undoubtedly knows the feeling of.

She has worked with some of the most prominent artists in the Nordic tattoo scene, through the common goals and wishes to study old artefacts and understanding ancient iconography. It is a life-long learning process, which will undoubtedly continue to build her personal style and interpretations, but she already possesses a very personal “handwriting” easy to see and read for anyone.

Meet Kaija "kaija_bodyart" Bodyart

Kaija "kaija_bodyart" Bodyart works in Oslo, Norway

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