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denungeherrholm Kim Diaz Holm

Bergan, Norway

The nordic tattoo art of Kim Diaz "denungeherrholm" Holm

Kim Diaz Holm is a Norwegian human, and probably a pirate! He’s an artist. He is an anarchist. He is bipolar, and he got my attention because he does what I enjoy doing, he just does it a lot more and has done it for a lot longer. He creates his masterpieces, which are all temperamental beautiful crazy ink drawings, and he just hands them out into the world to share with everyone for free use. With this, he has had amazing success and I have no doubt that this in turn brings a decent income, because people probably support him and give him gold, order custom designs and so on, in a wonderful full turn of good will.


Looking at his work, it is impossible to not appreciate that; 1) He pours in all of his passion, as well as skills; 2) He is a routined artist that can capture the most amazing things in simple ink blobs that he will drip onto paper and almost like a Rorschach test, make them explode in the meaning and; 3) He gives this away out of the kindness of his heart so.

His art belongs in folklore, magic mystery, and dark tales and black metal bands. It all resembles something out of mythological nightmares and dreams of the coming ages, or ages long past and getting to feature him here, in this book of Nordic tattoo artists seems very right, because this book is about sharing, it’s about bringing to light a bunch of artists that deserve attention and sharing is very much the key of what Kim does.

He makes his work, he shares it, and he also speaks his mind,  which is hard to not appreciate when you have a mind set as my own. Not only does he share his thoughts, philosophies and ideas, he shares them very well, bridging gaps between humans by speaking with both rationale and integrity.

And for this he has garnered the attention and love of thousands of followers for what he does. I could probably rant on in my enthusiasm of his mad work, but it would just mean endless texts and less space for art. So, I give you this, these pages with his works, his amazing creations and i urge you to visit his social media sites, and follow him for what he does, and let it inspire you!

Meet Kim Diaz "denungeherrholm" Holm

Kim Diaz "denungeherrholm" Holm works in Bergan, Norway

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