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nescerinon Kotik Nikita Anatolevich

Saint Petersburg, Russia

The nordic tattoo art of Kotik Nikita "nescerinon" Anatolevich

Nescerion, real name Nikita, started tattooing in a way that to him was clearly backwards, doing the classic work, tattooing whatever came through the door. After a time of this, he decided to sell his equipment and step back from it all, to clear his head and learn his own way. On this path, he found roots in Nordic culture, and decided to devote both energy and focus to this, spending much time learning and understanding the information in front of him.

After a while, he started working again, by hand and by machine, to be both focused and efficient, creating line work by machine and all shading and patterns by hand. His designs are all freehanded onto the skin, to create flow and ensure that the tattoo fits the bearer. He hopes that through this, he will leave his mark upon the world, and help bring back what was once forgotten.

Meet Kotik Nikita "nescerinon" Anatolevich

Kotik Nikita "nescerinon" Anatolevich works in Saint Petersburg, Russia

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