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krzysztofsirkis Krzysztof Sirkis Grzywacz

Toru, Poland

The nordic tattoo art of Krzysztof Sirkis "krzysztofsirkis" Grzywacz

Krzysztof is a new face in the world of Viking tattooing, but a very experienced artist in the field, having been passionate about Viking art and history for 30 years.

Since 1996, he has been involved in historical reconstruction of Slavic and Viking battles, artwork, life, sailing and Drakkar ships, and for a long time his artwork has been seen recreated as tattoos by others. Now, he has started his own tattooist adventure, and is already a notable hand at this, creating elaborate pieces that move beautifully with the body.

Meet Krzysztof Sirkis "krzysztofsirkis" Grzywacz

Krzysztof Sirkis "krzysztofsirkis" Grzywacz works in Toru, Poland

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