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louistherrien_tattoo Louis Therrien

Montreal, Canada

The nordic tattoo art of Louis "louistherrien_tattoo" Therrien

Louis Therrien is a French-Canadian tattoo artist from Montreal, Quebec, in Canada. And yes, it might seem odd that a French speaking Canadian is fond of Vikings, but having found his way into reenactment around 8 years ago, Louis fell in love with the culture. He travelled to Poland, Norway, Germany and Sweden to learn about the rich historical backgrounds of Viking life through the ages, and to learn the styles he now uses for tattooing. Speaking of style, he enjoys being inspired by today’s ornamental style and the many variations of Nordic artwork. He has a preference for the Slavic style as well, but seeks to approach his work as you would with reenactment, matching both period and regionality.

He enjoys taking his time with his clients, to ensure they know what they are getting into, that they get the right style or the right depiction of a certain god. There are many variables, and he finds that it is best to be patient, to teach and ensure the right choices are made.

When not tattooing, he coaches American football, plays Warhammer Tournament with his Space wolf army and drives a Classic 1977 Matte back Lincoln Continental, to add a bit of Gangster to the mix.

Meet Louis "louistherrien_tattoo" Therrien

Louis "louistherrien_tattoo" Therrien works in Montreal, Canada

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