the nordic tattoo Lukas Ancientskin

Birenbach, Germany

The nordic tattoo art of Lukas "" Ancientskin

Lukas is a passionate soul, working with a clear connection to both heritage and nature. For more than 20 years, he has had great fascination with cultural artwork, and has the privilege to have been tattooed by Erik Reime, the Grandfather of Nordic tattooing. The experience impressed him, and sat so deeply with him that it spurred him upon the path of tattooing, particularly doing hand-poked tattoos. He dedicated himself to this practice, striving to keep this ancient connection alive, hoping to bring this practice, which has been done for thousands of years, by mankind all over the world, out into the Western world again.

His work is influenced heavily by the natural world, and he has a strong connection with the old practice of mushrooms, tying it into his artwork, both iconographically, as well as historically, bringing to light for example the use of Fly Agaric and similar plants by the ancients, especially Odin. To him, the mushroom is a symbol of universal knowledge.

His work carries clear signs of his extensive studies, and he is well-versed in all the Nordic styles, as well as the use of Bind Runes and Sigils, creating beautiful compositions of both. His work does not aim to be historically correct, but much more of historical homage, honouring that which came before us.

He works in his private studio in Birenbach, near Stuttgart, where he weaves his magic onto the skin of those deserving.

Meet Lukas "" Ancientskin

Lukas "" Ancientskin works in Birenbach, Germany

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