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treubhan Mark Quinn

Brighton, United Kingdom

The nordic tattoo art of Mark "treubhan" Quinn

Mark Quinn, known in the world of tattooing as Treubhan, is a specialist in Celtic and Pictish art and tattooing. He was interested in these art forms since he was a child, growing up in his home town of Edinburgh, Scotland, surrounded by both styles in the shape of historical and contemporary work. Scotland has a rich and diverse history of art, with stone carvings being a monumental part of what one encounters daily, and living amongst this got him interested in Celtic as a tattoo form.

Unfortunately, at the time there was very little interest in either Celtic or Pictish tattooing, so he embarked on an incredible journey around the world, learning from many different tattooers and artists. He found inspiration in how they celebrated their cultural tribal roots and they encouraged him to connect deeper to his own, and to help those who feel lost or like they do not belong. Through the art of tattooing, Mark offers others a chance to be a part of something else, the same something he himself searched for and found. His style and work fills a void in cultural tattooing, catering to what is a diverse heritage of the British isles and the European Celtic cultures.

Meet Mark "treubhan" Quinn

Mark "treubhan" Quinn works in Brighton, United Kingdom

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