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matbonetattoo Mat Bone

Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

The nordic tattoo art of Mat "matbonetattoo" Bone

Mat is a chaotic artist to the bone, and probably the friendliest tattooist you could come across. Inspired by his collection of books and comics, he has fuel enough for centuries to come. He has worked in a wide range of styles, working in many an old fashioned walk-in shop, but has over the recent years drifted towards more historical work, dabbling in Nordic and Celtic ornaments.

He recently joined forces with Peter Oakmund, moving to the English North-East where he now creates extensive sleeves and bodysuits in an energetic coalition between the two. He has a knack for Black work, Dot work and geometry, as well as a flair for proper fine-lined work, reminiscent of woodcuts and engravings of both medieval and renaissance times. He is a work-horse, dedicated to his craft, and often goes far above and beyond to make the client happy (and covered in tattoos).

Meet Mat "matbonetattoo" Bone

Mat "matbonetattoo" Bone works in Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

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