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meelarainey_tattoo Meela Rainey

London, United Kingdom

The nordic tattoo art of Meela "meelarainey_tattoo" Rainey

Meela is a tattooist working for more than 10 years, now specializing exclusively in Nordic art, especially in dot work tattooing. She gathers inspiration from archaeological artefacts, stone and wood carved art, as well as the stories and tales from the Viking era in Scandinavia. She currently works from Hackney, London, where she has built her business and works exclusively on pre-booked clients from her private studio.


She began drawing at a very early stage, and at the age of 4 she won a drawing contest in her hometown.  She sees herself as a very artistic person, and after her first experience getting tattooed, she felt drawn towards it, and wanted to take her art in that direction. Her first encounter with Nordic mythology was because of an attraction to the runes, and she began to read more deeply about Norse culture when she was about 16. Having always been interested in history and the different cultures such as ancient Egypt and the old North, it was not until around 3 years ago that she realised that to be a good tattooist and artist, it is more important to focus on what you are passionate about, rather than being able to work every style.

Aside from tattooing, she also enjoys painting on canvas, again taking influence from the Nordic styles and from fantasy art.

Meet Meela "meelarainey_tattoo" Rainey

Meela "meelarainey_tattoo" Rainey works in London, United Kingdom

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