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valhallvaror Megan Halvorson

Montana, USA

The nordic tattoo art of Megan "valhallvaror" Halvorson

Megan Halvorson, online known as Valhallvaror. The name comes from a mix of the word Valhalla, and her last name Halvorson, which in turn comes from the old Norse Hallvaror. She is a Montana native, and has always been one for the wilderness, growing up playing all day in the forests with her pups, to trampling the mud of the ponds with the stags.

Her Nordic heritage takes a large and binding part of her life and her tattooing, and exploring the art and history of her ancestors has changed the course of her life in astounding ways, allowing her to discover who she is and what she truly loves.

She works with imagery found in Nordic history, as well as bind-runes of her own design. She claims to be the happiest when tattooing Nordic and Celtic pieces, and loves to share the joy with others. Her work is also tied in with nature and paganism, mixing floral pieces with animal skulls and antlers.

Meet Megan "valhallvaror" Halvorson

Megan "valhallvaror" Halvorson works in Montana, USA

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