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moriild Mia-Maria Moriild

Copenhagen, Denmark

The nordic tattoo art of Mia-Maria "moriild" Moriild

Mia-Maria Moriild has always been a creative and free spirit, with a passion to create as a central pillar in her life. She has always worked in arts and crafts, and through this has trained her hand-to-eye coordination, and her skills in creative process, whether it is in clay, stone, textile, drawing or tattooing. She graduated at the Royal academy of Art and Design in 2006.

She has worked as a tattoo-artist since 2016, now working from Kunsten på Kroppen in Copenhagen since 2019. She is not only driven by her interest in creative transformation processes, but also the human and esoteric part, where she not only sees herself as an artisan, but as a facilitator of a magical and safe sphere, where inspiration, craftsmanship and transformation can merge with a deeper meaning for her clients, through the tattoo sessions.

She is in love with the powerful manifestation that lies in the centre of perfect timing, at the point where the movement of her hand, the depth of the needle and the presence of her mind comes together to create a meaningful mark on the skin of the client, creating living art, which will be with them for life.

She specialises in hand-tattooing, and works with unique designs created for the individual clients. She is also trained with machines, and will always choose the method best suited for the project at hand.

For those clients that feel it resonates with them, she offers ceremonial sessions.

Meet Mia-Maria "moriild" Moriild

Mia-Maria "moriild" Moriild works in Copenhagen, Denmark

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