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mikeamanita Mike Amanita

Moscow, Russia

The nordic tattoo art of Mike "mikeamanita" Amanita

Born and raised in a small town in central Russia, Mike was in love with the beauty of the world from childhood, and tried to describe this love through expressions. He eventually found a path for this in painting, and this later led to the road of tattooing. This started at the age of thirty, twelve years ago now, and he still sees it as just the beginning.

He is an active artist, he has travelled the world, especially his home country, and he is fond of the beauty of Asia. Philosophy, yoga, mysticism, traditions, Slavic and Russian fairy tales are all keystones to inspiration, none of which he will turn away from.

Mike’s work carries an immense amount of elegance and details, and he manages to deliver astounding tattoos to his clients, having a clear understanding of body-dynamics, as well as the grand scheme of classical ornaments and compositions.

Meet Mike "mikeamanita" Amanita

Mike "mikeamanita" Amanita works in Moscow, Russia

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