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sneakymitch Mitchell Allenden

Leeds, United Kingdom

The nordic tattoo art of Mitchell "sneakymitch" Allenden

Sneaky Mitch is not an artist we would define as a Nordic or Historical artist, but he is a phenomenal artist, who recently finished this tattoo of what is by now, a classic Nordic motif – A Wolf, eating the sun. This could be Hati, Skoll or Fenris, it does not matter to us, what was important to us was the chance to feature this beautiful piece, as a way to show that Nordic or Historical tattoos does not only need to be Dot work, hand poked or Black ink only.

The options are many, and there is nothing that constrains us from colours, Neo-Trad or anything else. After all, if the Vikings were still around, they would undoubtedly have been in love with powerful colours, if one considers their love for gold, silver, decorations and brightly coloured clothes.

So please, do not let the lack of imagination of others constrain you, and enjoy the beauty of all the artwork out there.

Meet Mitchell "sneakymitch" Allenden

Mitchell "sneakymitch" Allenden works in Leeds, United Kingdom

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