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morrigantattooartist Morrigan Tattoo

St Pol Sur Ternoise, France

The nordic tattoo art of Morrigan "morrigantattooartist" Tattoo

Helene is another of our French artists, working from her studio in the North of France. She has a long-lasting love for Nordic and Celtic artwork, and 3 years ago she decided to make it her livelihood, becoming a Nordic tattoo artist. Before this, she spent 10 years as a Social worker, and again before that, she took 6 years of art-school. Music, art, architecture, artefacts and travels are all sources of fuel and inspiration.

Meet Morrigan "morrigantattooartist" Tattoo

Morrigan "morrigantattooartist" Tattoo works in St Pol Sur Ternoise, France

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