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neonila_r Neonila Neonila

Moscow, Russia

The nordic tattoo art of Neonila "neonila_r" Neonila

A Moscow based artist,  Neonila has been tattooing for more than 8 years, and has been drawing for all of her life. Her original education was as a teacher, and she never expected her hobby to grow into the direction of tattooing. Her styles are mainly graphics, dot-work and line work, and all of her work revolves around the ancient cultures of the Slavic people, and their traditions.

She sees tradition as the connection between generations, a cult of ancestry which breeds respect between man and nature. At the heart of her work and creations are historical findings, schematics of protective embroidery from cultural shirts, dresses, towels and household items and similar. She believes that in this way, with this area, the wearer of the tattoo will be able to find a similar generational connection, and help to preserve the cultural heritage. Her work also resonates with Scandinavian mythology. She clearly finds great love in her work, and enjoys bringing the connection between man and nature into focus once again.

Meet Neonila "neonila_r" Neonila

Neonila "neonila_r" Neonila works in Moscow, Russia

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