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vikingtotem Nikita Stepanenko

Krasnovarsk, Russia

The nordic tattoo art of Nikita "vikingtotem" Stepanenko

Nikita Stepanenko lives and works in Siberia, Russia. With more than 8 years of tattoo experience, his style is superbly developed in both bold and colourful expressions.


Scandinavian tattoos is his current main focus, as they are very popular in Russia. The Nordic styles are very close in style and spirit to Slavic ornaments and patterns. His career in Nordic art began when he made a Viking sleeve for himself, and soon after his clients started to follow suit.

He is the only artist in Siberia working in this style.

Meet Nikita "vikingtotem" Stepanenko

Nikita "vikingtotem" Stepanenko works in Krasnovarsk, Russia

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