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noromaor Noromaor Noromaor

Port Audemer, France

The nordic tattoo art of Noromaor "noromaor" Noromaor

Noromaor is one of the newest in the generation of Nordic tattooists, having only tattooed for about 2 years. Born and raised in Normandy, he sees it as a most natural thing to be interested in the Vikings and their culture from an early age.

Artistic for most of his life, but never pursuing art as an education, he did not believe this should be a hindrance for the future, and continued to work on his art, improving what he could. He finally met Thrud tattoo, a meeting that changed his life, presenting him first with a tattooist to decorate him, then a mentor, and since then a colleague and friend. He now works full time, creating Nordic tattoos, in honour of the ancestors who named the region he is from.

Meet Noromaor "noromaor" Noromaor

Noromaor "noromaor" Noromaor works in Port Audemer, France

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