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oscarorcellet Oscar Orcellet

Neuguen, Argentina

The nordic tattoo art of Oscar "oscarorcellet" Orcellet

Oscar is a different artist than most featured here. Incredibly talented and with an amazing skill at making every element stand out vividly, he creates his Nordic tattoos as an amalgamation between traditional knot-work and bold comic-style Neo-Trad, often featuring striking colours and contrasts.

Hailing from a small town in the South of Argentina, he grew up near lakes, mountains, forests and snow. Drawing since as long as he remembers, he always had a love of Fantasy books and movies, and before becoming a tattoo artist, he made comics, drew portraits on the streets and taught drawing to all ages and kinds of people.

When he began tattooing, he was encouraged by one of his masters to create a recognisable style, so while also being involved in Celtic and Folk music, he started working with Celtic knots, something he once hated for its complexity, yet now clearly holds great love for.

His style is within both Tribal and Ornamental, but well balanced with compositions and dimension, always searching for contrast in each piece. He has a love of large-scale tattoos that are readable from two blocks away, and has the most joy in creating this type of tattoo. He also plans on embarking on travels to tattoo around the world.

Meet Oscar "oscarorcellet" Orcellet

Oscar "oscarorcellet" Orcellet works in Neuguen, Argentina

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