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northernblack.oak Peter Oakmund

Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

The nordic tattoo art of Peter "northernblack.oak" Oakmund

The last artist of the book, and the one who is writing this text. Creating my own biography seems redundant, I have already said what I needed to say in the introductions at the beginning of the book. As we are printing this book, we are also compiling my own portfolio, wherein I will talk about much of my work, so I will leave all of that for later. But I will speak of the future – I am far from done with innovation, creation and breaking boundaries, not for myself, and not for the Nordic & Historical tribe of artists.

This book has been a wonderful journey to embark upon, as well as a great big crowbar to pry open some of the boundaries between so many artists. On my path ahead there will be much teaching and sharing, and it is with joy and wonderment that I write these last words of this book, our first volume of Nordic and Historical art. I am honoured that every single artist on the pages before this one allowed myself and my team to feature them, and I look forward to continuing sharing their work. The world is full of much darkness, of greed and grumpy old men, and creating this book with all of these artists has, to me, been the act of lighting a candle in the dark. I tell my children daily that “Sharing is caring”.


This goes for adults as well, especially artists, for you all hold so much potential, your voices are loud and in unison we can make a difference, to the individual and to the world.

Meet Peter "northernblack.oak" Oakmund

Peter "northernblack.oak" Oakmund works in Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

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