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raudrrafn Raudr Rafn

Oostende, Belgium

The nordic tattoo art of Raudr "raudrrafn" Rafn

Jamie, also known as Raudr Rafn, is located in a private tattoo studio in Oostende, Belgium. His art is mainly inspired by Norse and Germanic myth, folklore and medieval history. He also works as an engineer on-board a pilot vessel. When not at sea, he fills most of his days with tattooing, as well as learning about history and mythology.

On occasion, he paints, carves or builds shields, all things to better his art and discover new methods of working creatively. From a very young age, he found himself drawn to the heart of tattooing, but it all really kicked off when meeting an old friend, sharing this interest and starting to do some hand poked tattoos. Always having dreamt of it but never having the confidence for it, the wish for a career in tattooing was there. Life went on, and he kept crossing his paths with tattooing, history and mythology.

On occasion, it was these things that would guide him through rough times and keep him moving forwards. As he sees it, we all have our paths in life laid out before us, woven into the tapestry of fate, all we need to do is learn to accept this and keep walking on our path. And as he did so, tattooing found him and has taken him further than ever, guiding him to meet good people.

Meet Raudr "raudrrafn" Rafn

Raudr "raudrrafn" Rafn works in Oostende, Belgium

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