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rekuiyocorpo Rekuiyocorpo Rekuiyocorpo

Plogoff, France

The nordic tattoo art of Rekuiyocorpo "rekuiyocorpo" Rekuiyocorpo

From the oddest corner of one’s imagination comes the creations of Rekuiycorpo. Ephemeral, dreamy and often nightmarish, these tattoos carry so much life, yet holds so much graphic simplicity that it is impossible to not appreciate the mind that creates them.


Clearly inspired by all variations of the fantasy genres, the tattoo work of this one also holds beautiful connections to traditional ornaments of ancient Europe, with designs that manages to merge the beasts of Tolkien, with the stunning simplicity of petroglyphs.

Meet Rekuiyocorpo "rekuiyocorpo" Rekuiyocorpo

Rekuiyocorpo "rekuiyocorpo" Rekuiyocorpo works in Plogoff, France

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