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stormcrowtattoo Rory Keating

California, USA

The nordic tattoo art of Rory "stormcrowtattoo" Keating

Rory Keating, known as Storm Crow Tattoo has been doing what he does best for 20 year – Black tattoos! He is one of the “old guard” of Black-work tattoo artists, and is known as one of the few who has remained working with Neo-Tribal an often under appreciated style.

He is also one of the few American-based artists, and he has in recent years been creating more and more Nordic and Celtic pieces. He retains his love of bold black work and traditional tribal art, and is able to work in any ornamental style he is presented with.

Meet Rory "stormcrowtattoo" Keating

Rory "stormcrowtattoo" Keating works in California, USA

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