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sampaguitajay_tattoo Sampaguita Jay

Bayoone, France

The nordic tattoo art of Sampaguita "sampaguitajay_tattoo" Jay

An artist of much skill and already great renown, Sampaguita Jay is a tattoo-artist in Bayonne, France. She had a beginning in tattooing Chicano style more than 10 years ago, but after 5 years of working this particular style, she had a break for months. Being of part Filipino origins, she grew up with her Filipino family, and felt a need to get closer to her deeper origins. She met her mentor of a traditional Filipino tribe, a man named Elle Mana Festin, and he set about teaching her everything about the history of her country, her cultural heritage and the art of the Filipino tribe.

She learned to tattoo in a traditional way and was taught each of the ancestral symbols that comes with it. To her, this experience was a new beginning and she evolved in her own style by wanting to include this in her portraits of Filipino tribal women. By getting closer to her indigenous roots, she found herself a new general passion for the art of ancestral tattooing and this included different cultures. She started to do research and document different tattoo cultures, and began creating female portrait tattoos from all the different cultures, mythologies, sagas and legends. At one point, she tattooed a portrait of a Warrior woman of Nordic myth, then two, then three, and then the requests never stopped. The Viking TV-series has further pushed this enthusiasm and the requests are still as important. She clearly holds a great love for this particular genre and magnificent mythology, and continues to work in this thread with excitement.

And why women? Well, it is what inspires her the most. She grew up with only women around her, women are the dawn of life, the mother, the muse and can easily be a warrior. The woman is the centre of everything, and therefore, simply enough, her source of inspiration.

Meet Sampaguita "sampaguitajay_tattoo" Jay

Sampaguita "sampaguitajay_tattoo" Jay works in Bayoone, France

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